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Investing in our youth to build stronger communities.

Company Philanthropy: The Year of the Child

As a “Florida Based. Florida Focused” bank, Florida Community Bank (FCB) is deeply committed to supporting the communities in which we live and serve.  In 2015, we launched our “The Year of the Child” company philanthropy which is dedicated to finding ways FCB can help improve the lives of children in the Florida foster care system.  In addition, FCB launched the “Change for Change” account, an employee driven account used to raise money for local organizations committed to supporting children in foster care.  Since the program’s launch in 2015, FCB as a company, our employees and customers have raised over $75,000 to support children in foster care through the collection of backpacks, school supplies, sneakers, and truckloads of toys delivered during the holidays!  FCB believes that by investing in our future generations we can help build stronger communities. 

To find out how to support FCB’s mission or become a foster parent, please click HERE

"At FCB, we are more than just a bank - we’re a community partner.  We are dedicated and committed to supporting the 'Year of the Child'.” - Kent Ellert, President & CEO


Building Better Florida Communities Together

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