FCB and Apple Pay






FCB and Apple Pay®: Pay the fast and easy and secure way using Apple Pay on iPhone®.


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How Apple Pay® Works

Just add your FCB debit or credit card info to your Apple® device’s Wallet app, and you’re all set!  Apple Pay® pulls your card information from the app so you can use your device as a “wallet” at store checkouts. For your safety, credit or debit card numbers are not stored on your device, and are never shared with the merchant.


Check out fast, easy and hassle-free - just point your device at the merchant terminal, tap the screen and you’re done.


Your cards stay safely in your wallet, reducing the danger of debit or credit card theft and fraud.


You still get all the protection that your FCB debit or credit card provides.

What credit or debit cards are eligible?

Your Florida Community Bank consumer credit cards and your Florida Community Bank consumer debit cards are eligible.

Need an eligible FCB card?

Open a Personal Checking Account or apply for an FCB Credit Card today!

Add your FCB debit or credit cards to your Wallet app, and leave your wallet at home!


Look for one of these symbols at merchant checkouts:

Apple Pay merchant symbols

For more details, a complete list of participating stores, and
a demo video, visit the Apple Pay® website on Apple.com.

Learn more about Apple Pay® 

Click here for Apple Pay® terms and conditions.


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