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FCB believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to experience their dreams and achieve their full potential.

At Florida Community Bank, we’re more than just a bank—we’re also an integral partner in the communities we serve. While we’re committed to providing personal and business banking solutions to our valued customers, we’re equally as committed to strengthening the economic health of our communities and improving the lives of everyone who lives here.

Powered by the consistent volunteerism of our dedicated associates, the FCB CRA Program provides the financial support, relevant education and training that help us achieve our community goals for everyone’s benefit.

Through our community outreach, affordable product and service offerings, bank initiatives, community partners and financing programs, we’re creating a sustainable dynamic for positive change, development and growth.


"We believe there is a substantial connection between our success as a company and the well-being of our local communities.  FCB is consistently seeking to identify new and exciting ways to strengthen and invest in the communities which we serve."

- Kent Ellert, President and Chief Executive Officer


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At FCB, we're more than just a bank...
we're a community partner.


FCB's CRA Program

Providing low-to-moderate income individuals, families, local businesses and nonprofit organizations with a broad array of affordable lending and banking solutions.


Community Lending Programs

FCB recognizes the value of homeownership and is committed to helping individuals and families reach this goal. FCB’s Affordable Home Loan Program is designed to assist low to moderate income borrowers who are first-time homebuyers, and may have limited incomes and credit histories. Affordable Home Loans feature a wide-range of offerings to meet the unique needs of each borrower.

Small businesses are a community’s economic backbone, but they can’t thrive and grow without access to banking services or lending solutions. FCB’s Small Business Program provides small businesses and nonprofits with vital business banking products and services, including business checking and savings, business loans, cash management services and more.


Financial Literacy

FCB is strongly committed to improving financial literacy within our communities. Through the utilization of the Teach Children to Save® and Money Smart programs, of which the curriculum is designed to educate consumers of all ages, we hope to impart the knowledge, skills and effective habits necessary to increase financial success.

The FDIC’s Money Smart Financial Education Program is a comprehensive financial education curriculum designed to help consumers create positive banking relationships and provide them with skills that can help them reach their financial goals.

Teach Children to Save® is a national program that helps young people develop a savings habit early in life and establish savings goals like attending college. The aim is to teach children the value of money and instill the desire to save it.





FCB associate volunteers make an impact on our local communities by regularly devoting their time and expertise. These activities help to make real, tangible differences in people’s lives.




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