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Our Online and Mobile Banking Security Tools Help Protect You from the Latest Cyber Attacks.

At Florida Community Bank, we believe that the convenience of online and mobile banking shouldn’t come at the cost of security. That’s why we strive to bring you the latest cyber security tools to keep your financial data secure and safe from all threats. Using these tools and the cybersecurity tips you’ll find below, you can ensure your financial information stays protected.

Protect your online banking sessions with Trusteer-Rapport®

There’s practically no limit to ways cyber thieves can attempt to access your personal information and financial data. From hacking and malware to browser add-ons and screen capturing, cyber threats continue to multiply, putting your accounts at risk. Now, FCB has teamed up with the security experts at IBM to bring you Trusteer-Rapport®. This cutting-edge security tool actively detects and blocks attempts to compromise your data.

Even better, it’s free for all FCB customers!

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What is Trusteer-Rapport®?  Optimum security you can bank on.

Unlike many cybersecurity tools that simply alert you to potential fraud after it happens, this free tool actively detects and blocks a full range of cyber threats:
  1. Keylogging
  2. Browser add-ons
  3. Malicious programs
  4. Screen capturing
  5. Hacking
  6. Phishing
  7. Pharming or spoofing

How Trusteer Rapport® Works

  1. Open this web page on any device you use to bank.
  2. Click the download button to launch Trusteer-Rapport®.
  3. Follow the easy installation instructions, then restart your device


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Once you restart, Trusteer-Rapport® will always be on and working to protect your online banking sessions. It updates automatically through Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, so you’ll always be protected from the latest threats.

Trusteer-Rapport® works on any of the following devices:

  1. Mac
  2. Windows
  3. iOS
  4. Android 
So, whether you’re on your desktop, tablet or smart phone, this tool protects your online and mobile banking sessions. When you bank online, you can see that Trusteer-Rapport® is working:
  1. Anytime you visit a site that’s protected by Trusteer-Rapport®, you will see a green icon in the address bar
  2. The icon turns grey if a site is unprotected.

FCB offers this tool free of charge to all FCB customers, because we want you to be able to bank online with confidence.

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FCB’S Identity Theft Protection Services

Your online banking sessions aren’t the only place where your financial data is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Retailers, government agencies and even a major U.S. credit bureau that you trust to protect your information are susceptible to data breaches. The Equifax data breach in 2017 proved that even if you take all the right steps to protect your identity, it can still be at risk. Florida Community Bank has partnered with one of the nation’s most trusted names in Identity Theft Protection to bring you the most comprehensive Identity Theft Detection and Recovery Services available today that include:

If you are an FCB Pinnacle checking customer, you’ll receive a custom identity theft package complimentary with your account. All other FCB customers have access to individual and family protection packages for as little as $3.95 per month.

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Subject to terms and conditions of Group Identity Theft Detection and Recovery Services.

What is credit monitoring and why do you need it?

Credit monitoring is a fraud prevention tool that monitors your credit profile for suspicious activity. If there are changes in your credit report, such as new unauthorized accounts, FCB’s identity theft protection services will alert you immediately. Catching these changes early means you can stop potential credit fraud before it becomes a serious issue.


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FCB Debit Card Protection

All FCB Visa® Debit Cards are equipped with the latest EMV chip technology to help protect you from fraud. These cards are almost impossible to counterfeit and allow you to make transactions securely in over 130 countries worldwide.

Your FCB Visa® Debit Card also comes with a Zero Liability Policy. Every time your card is used in-store at a chip-activated terminal, it generates a unique one-time-use code to approve the transaction. It’s an extra layer of security to protect the funds in your FCB checking account.

Terms and conditions apply: Please visit the Visa® website at for details.

More Cybersecurity Tips from FCB

The tools we offer above can help you protect your online banking sessions and credit from fraud, but it’s crucial that you take additional steps to protect your identity and financial data:
  1. Always ensure your computers have up-to-date antivirus software that scans each machine regularly.
  2. Don’t wait to download updates for your devices, particularly if they include security updates.
  3. Never trust unsolicited emails or text messages that ask you to click a link or download an attachment.
  4. Use unique logins and strong passwords that you keep secret; don’t repeat passwords or logins between different online accounts.
  5. Never bank online when your device is connected to an unsecured wireless network or a public hotspot.
  6. Limit the amount of personal information you share on social networks and talk to your kids about limiting what they share, especially publicly.
Keep your home computer in a central location where you can monitor children’s online usage.

Best practices for online banking

First and foremost, make sure that Trusteer-Rapport® shows a green icon in the address bar anytime you bank online. In addition:
  1. Always confirm your last login date on your internet banking Welcome page.
  2. Never use account numbers when you create nicknames for your accounts.
  3. Register your devices (and only your private devices) to avoid answer challenge questions on each login; never do this on company workstations.
  4. Limit when and where you login and use your mobile banking app; never bank on an unsecure device, public network or hotspot.
  5. If you have any trouble logging in, such as error pages or site down messages, notify FCB immediately.
  6. Review FCB Consumer Alerts promptly when you receive them and notify us immediately if you see any unusual or questionable activity.

Avoid identity theft and go paperless with online statements; make sure to review them each month for transactions that you don’t recognize.


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