The Visa® EMV Chip Card






At FCB, we pride ourselves on providing great service, solid products and secure banking so that you can carry on with your credit and debit card purchases worry-free. In order to provide greater security, FCB is introducing additional security benefits with our new Visa® EMV Chip Debit Card. These new cards are nearly impossible to counterfeit, and allow for easier travel in more than 130 countries where chip cards are already used. EMV chip cards do everything magnetic stripe cards do, but even more securely; plus, you are still protected by Visa®’s Zero Liability Policy1.

If you haven’t already, you will be receiving a replacement card with the new EMV technology.

How Does it Work?

Every time a chip credit or debit card is used instore at a chip-activated terminal, a unique onetime code is generated that is used to approve the transaction—providing an additional layer of security.

Smarter Technology

Computer Microchip

A computer chip securely stores the card data that currently resides on the magnetic stripe. This makes it nearly impossible for counterfeit EMV chip cards to be created.

Unique Cryptogram

The computer chip enables more secure processing by producing a one-time use code for each transaction.

Mobile Shopping

EMV technology will also enable a one-time use code for mobile transactions and support other security innovations like tokenization.

Used Worldwide

130 Plus Countries

There are approximately 2.4 billion EMV chip cards in circulation and 36.9 million terminals active worldwide — ensuring you can use your account conveniently wherever you travel.

Added Security

Difficult to Counterfeit

Because EMV chip cards use cryptograms that are unique to each transaction, stolen chip card data cannot be used to create counterfeit cards.

Less Risk of Fraud

The added layers of security provided by EMV chips make debit and credit card data much less valuable, decreasing incentive for fraudsters to steal data.

Zero Liability

With EMV chip cards, cardholders are still protected from fraudulent purchases with Visa®’s Zero Liability Policy.

How to Use

Insert Card

Instead of swiping, you’ll insert the card into the terminal, chip first and face up.

Leave the Card in the Terminal

The card must remain in the terminal during the entire transaction.

Sign the Receipt or Enter a PIN

Either sign the receipt or enter your PIN to complete the transaction.


Remove Your Card

When the purchase is complete, remember to take your card with you.

Remember: The chip card still has a magnetic stripe, just in case you need to use it with a traditional terminal.

To learn about the advantages and added security of your FCB Visa® EMV Chip Card, call 1.866.764.0006.


1. Terms and conditions apply; please visit the VISA® website at for details.