FCB Lockbox Processing






Accelerate cash flow and reduce processing costs.

Lockbox processing allows your business to efficiently collect check payments without making trips to the bank or manually inputting deposits. This seamless process allows your customers to send their payments directly to our secure lockbox site where we handle the receipt, opening, scanning, image processing, data entry capture and generation of all outputs.

This effective solution will help streamline and integrate your receivables and provide a consistent, detailed view of your organization’s cash position more quickly than before.


Improved efficiency and effectiveness for receivables operations.
• Operational efficiencies that focus on meeting audit and debit requirements.
Automated processes improve staff productivity.
Integration of 3rd party (outside) managers, such as audit and accounting partners.
Accelerated research through web-based reporting.

With two lockbox locations in Florida (at Winter Park and St. Petersburg), FCB can process and provide reporting for quick and easy assimilation into your accounts receivable system. Next-day reporting is made available through our client workstation.

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