FCB's Positive Pay






With millions of checks in circulation each day, businesses don’t have the time or resources to inspect each one. Yet, no one can afford to ignore the fact that some checks are fraudulently drawn on business accounts. Unfortunately, fraud is usually undetected until after the check is paid.

How It Works

From high-tech counterfeit checks to simple forgeries, business checking accounts are targets for fraudsters. FCB’s Positive Pay allows you to electronically share your check register for all written checks. We will only pay the checks listed on the register with the precise specifications that you indicate — such as amount, check number, date, and payee.


Reduces fraud - We only process what you tell us to, so fraudulent checks are rejected.
Saves time and money - Reduces labor associated with manual check prevention measures.
Puts you in control - Provides more accuracy and greater control over your cash flow.
Offers quick and easy access - Issue checks and approve Positive Pay exception items online from virtually anywhere.

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