Treasury Management



Business Electronic Banking

Business Electronic Banking gives you the flexibility you want and the security you need. Our platform supports multiple users, allowing you to provide each user with varying levels of access via security tokens for ACH and wire-initiated transactions. This lets you customize your options while safeguarding your business.
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Information Reporting

Gain real-time access to your accounts through our information-reporting module. View current and historical account data.


Paperless e-statements are electronic versions of the statements you receive in the mail that you can view at any time, from any location. Paperless online statements are delivered faster, reduce paper clutter, save you time and money and help keep information secure.

Account Book Transfers

Move funds between Florida Community Bank accounts with real-time confirmations and updates to daily reporting.

Zero Balance Account

Eliminate excess balances in separate accounts and maintain greater control over disbursements. Zero Balance Accounts automatically move funds each night to cover all disbursements. This will reduce the time spent initiating transfers between your company accounts.

ACH Origination

Initiate direct deposit of payroll, vendor payments and tax payments. Collect client payments, membership dues and concentrate your funds from non-Florida Community Bank accounts.

Wire Transfers

Initiate wire transfers quickly, easily and securely right from your office. You can establish recurring transfers and receive notification of incoming wires.

Positive Pay

Take a proactive approach to combating check fraud. Positive Pay provides exception reports detailing potential fraudulent check activity. 
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ACH Fraud Control/Block

Prevent unauthorized ACH debits from posting to your account. ACH Filtering lets you determine who has access to debit your account and at what dollar limit. 
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Account Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation provides monthly reports of paid and outstanding items and exceptions assists you with balancing accounts, reducing administrative costs, and managing risk.

Remote Deposit Capture

Accelerate your cash flow and eliminate unnecessary trips to the bank by electronically depositing checks from your office. Make deposits 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and receive same-day ledger credit1 for deposits made before 6:00 p.m. each business day.
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Lockbox Processing

Lockbox provides a cost-effective way to process payments and speed up access to funds while reducing operating expenses. We collect your payments, deposit the funds into your account and provide you detailed information to update your accounts receivable system.
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NetImage is an FCB web-based tool that archives images of business checks and deposits and gives assigned users 24/7 access to quickly retrieve images of all paid checks, paper deposited items, and prior statements.
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Cash In Transit

FCB and Brinks® are teamed up to offer you a variety of vault solutions, from CompuSafe® to daily credit for cash deposited via your chosen armored car service. Based on your needs, FCB can also work with your service to arrange for deposit pickups and change orders.
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Sweeps (REPO/Loan)2

This account is ideal for investing excess funds while maintaining liquidity. It can be a standalone account, or may be linked to the operating account while excess funds are swept to maximize interest. Swept funds are not FDIC-insured, but are collateralized by a portion of FCB’s portfolio of U.S. government-backed securities.
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Asset-Based Lending

FCB provides Asset-Based Lending solutions to middle-market and large corporate customers to support their working capital needs. FCB primarily works with companies in the manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and service segments.
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1. Subject to Terms and Conditions of Remote Deposit Capture contract. 2. Investments Sweeps are: NOT A DEPOSIT – NOT FDIC-INSURED – NOT GUARANTEED BY THE BANK – NOT INSURED BY ANY STATE OR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY – MAY LOSE VALUE.