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Florida Community Bank, has partnered with IBM fraud experts to give you added protection for online banking sessions and e-commerce transactions. Trusteer Rapport® is a cloud based fraud protection software program offered FREE to our account customers. Improve your current anti-virus methods with an additional layer of defense against cyber criminals. Trusteer Rapport® adds safeguard measures of monitoring your personal, business and financial computer operations from malware attacks.

Trusteer Rapport® prevents viruses that may occur while searching the internet or exploring unsecure websites. Your banking will have beyond the regular established armor against ever changing cyber threats. This added shield for your computer devices prevents possible tampering with your financial accounts, initiating fraudulent transactions and committing fraud. The innovative technology stops phishing attacks from stealing your identity and data. Hackers cannot obtain your account logins, passwords or profiles to create phony accounts. Trusteer Rapport® is constantly adopting new security solutions to keep your online transactions safe from online cybercriminal activity. Trusteer Rapport® meets all FFIEC requirements for risk management.

Guard Against:

Browser Add-Ons
Malicious Programs
Screen Capturing
Pharming or Spoofing

Trusteer Rapport® Protects You

Trusteer Rapport® detects and blocks any attempts of your information being compromised through your browser and your online banking session. Be protected beyond your regular antivirus software. Trusteer Rapport®, with your current anti-virus software, stops attempts of financial fraud and attacks. Your FCB online sessions are trusted and safe communications.

Simply download Trusteer Rapport® from to your workstations, tablets and phones where you conduct financial transactions and online banking. The installation is fast and easy with no registration and no charge. Trusteer Rapport® works with operating platforms of MAC, Windows, iOS and Android devices. It supports browsers of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. You will receive free updates for you to have the most current security against new progressive scams, viruses and fraud approaches.

Trusteer Rapport® immediately begins protecting you. First it will scan your current anti-virus program on the device. If a threat of protection exists, Trusteer Rapport® will not only alert you, but will remove or shield against the weak setting. It will detect and block any attempts of your information being compromised through your browser and your online banking session. Your online sessions with Florida Community Bank has an increased prevention against stolen login and passwords, profile identification information and your financial transactions. Cyber criminals are always developing new ways to “break-in”. Trusteer Rapport® expert fraud team constantly is providing you with the latest updates to avoid fraudulent activity on your accounts. Florida Community Bank continually looks for advanced technological tools to provide current security controls for safe online financial banking.

Trusteer Rapport®:

• Extra Layer of Online Security
• Prevents viruses to financial computing with unsecure websites and applications
• Stops phishing attacks from gaining access to your identity profiles and data
• Automatic updates to keep current against cyber attacks
• Does not interfere with daily computer activity or accessing applications
• Quick and simple installation process
• No charge or additional registration for FCB accounts
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